18th - 20th October


5 Types Of Roommates In MUJ

- Aadya Saxena

1. The Dukhi Aatma

There are sad people, and then there's this masterpiece. It's uncertain whether something actually happened to invoke such melancholy in their life, or if they were never introduced to happiness at all. They're often found staring listlessly into the distance, probably thinking something incredibly deep, with the saddest songs known to man playing in the background.

2. The Ghost

It's easy to understand what the single premium kids feel like when your roommate belongs to this category. They're just never there. Obviously, at some point, they must exist within the confines of the room, but it's likely that that point is on the imaginary axis. Bedsheets change, signs of use appear on their desk, and yet, sightings of this creature remain rare.

3. The Hot Mess

This particular person is responsible for the spirit of your mom entering your body for a split second, every now and then. Would it kill you to actually throw the wrapper in the dustbin? Would putting your shorts somewhere that isn't the floor cause an earthquake? You're not fond of split personalities, and you're not fond of your roommate being a miniature storm in human form. Wait, oh god, is that an actual banana peel on their bed?

4. The Gamer

Even if you weren't much of a gaming fanatic when the year began, you can now proudly consider yourself to be somewhat of a pro, and it's all thanks to your roommate. They're awake at ungodly hours, and the only light in the entire room is from their screen. Vague noises of triumph, disappointment and outright rage follow wherever they go. 

5. The Borderline Narcoleptic

You've often considered the possibility that you're rooming with a supernatural entity, one beyond human wants like food and sleep. It's almost concerning, the way your roommate is surviving on zero sleep and junk food. But hey, they're still alive. Or so you hope.